A New Phase

So here i leave my IT connection behind and move forward to a career in manufacturing and sales….Am i happy? Am happy to remove the Software Engineer tag from my name and am fearful of the sales part which i have never experienced before…. Fear comes with excitement of travelling places….meeting people.So overall an exciting unknown phase i am entering into.And coming to the sales part,I am going to sell lubricants of which i dont even have the slightest idea:)So definitely a exciting phase:)




New blog…New Thoughts

Am back after a long long time during which my only access to internet was through the slow and unreliable internet on my phone which didint allow me to post anything.Anyways am back and starting off a new blog also.The new Blog is to give some space for my thoughts on trends and issues that come up in my mind during endless hours of thinking and sleeping;)

Here’s the link


Have been noticing that there has been a considerable influence of The Buddha in all my blogs.Suits me 🙂

SDMIMD-Custommerce Conference-Andrew Hendrian

Andrew Hendrian

CUSTOMMERCE and SDM IMD are jointly conducting a conference focussed on acheiving  market leadership through Customer Service.We had Mr.Andrew Hendrian-(GM,The LEELA Kempinski,Bgl) as one of  our speakers from Industry.Hearing about his long career  in hospitality sector,i was waiting to hear him.He started as a cook and have climbed up the ladder and after working at various places around the world,now he is the General manager at The Leela Kempinski,bangalore.He has worked with many leading hotels in Dubai,Berlin,bangalore  and many more.He told during his brief talk about starting his work and going around the world to explore it.How true it had been in his case.He gave us a brief talk on the importance of Customer Satisfaction in hospitality sector and the Industry as a whole.

His talk centered around having Customer at the centre of everything that a organisation does.The two most important things are Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition.Any Organisation must make the customer believe that they know him.This creates a emotional bonding in the customer and thats a major differentiating factor.It all depends on the Customers mind of wat he makes out from the organisation and whether he would like come back and do business again.So the first thing would be to know the customer and then serve him.

“Invest in your Employees-They are the core asset on your balance sheet.”-These were the words told by him to the new budding managers.Andrew had worked in many hotels and he made it a point to spend some timw with each of the employees and know them better and call them by their name.I think this is a remarkable attitude .And as he told even being Strict and rigid can work in most cases but a litle differently.You got to feel what they feel.

Andrew hendrian

It was a good talk and more important it was nice hear such a person.Waiting for the talk by jagdish Seth tomorrow.

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