There are few events that needs to be chronicled in your blog or diary or whatever your record it…One such event is watching a Rajni movie FDFS:)Nowhere can one see the excitement and the roar among public(except India-pak cricket match)…The public in mysore was a little decent one with no milk abhisekams,no free distribution of food,no drums…Missed tamil nadu at this one instant where rajni movies are not a normal fare…its literally  Diwali for all the people out there:)With never before seen graphics in indian movies anf of course Rajni,it again proved out to be a complete masala entertainer and worth each rupee spent;)So once again Brand Rajni still goes strong and hope it remains ever we will tell the next generation that “you will never ever get the experience of watching a Rajni movie FDFS”:)

PS:Please check the search results for the word”Thalaivar”


A dream like never before


Human mind knows no Limit. But still what’s the limit for that ‘No Limit’. It would have required a genius to make a movie called “The Inception”. What have had gone through the mind of the writer to write something of the scale of the movie. It was just mind boggling and nerve wrecking to sit through the whole movie with each scene testing the limits of Human imagination. A dream is a simple thing. But how many of us would think of it in a way that Nolan had .How many of us would think so much about a simple thing called an Idea. Probably that’s were the difference between a man and a genius lies. The film in short-A Dream in a Dream in a Dream.


The movie revolves around the idea of planting an Idea in someone’s mind. That is done through dreams. Whole of the film may be fiction but even the limits of fiction is just amazing.Rating:5/5.Dont miss this movie for anything.

The Forrest Gump


There are very few movies which really brings you down and leaves you with memories of the film and also do brings some tears down your cheeks….The Forrest Gump is one of those movies…I accidentally bought this movie hoping to see one more good performance of Tom Hanks and yet again it proves to be one of his bests..I really makes me think what must be in the directors mind when they attempt to make such movie…Do they come up with a story or its picked from some real life incidents.Whatever it is, Hats off to the director and the performers.With some very realistic and emotional scenes this movie is sure to be one of my favourites…


This movie is about a not so smart guy called Forrest Gump and his journey through Life.The journey which he describes as a free flow of events that happened by chance but whatever happened remained made his destiny…The movie starts of which this wonderful dialogue”Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you will get out of it”.So if you are interested in one of those classic movies, give it a try…

GuruBhai has finally Arrived….


So the much awaited movie(atleast by me)—GURU has finally released al over and is the first mega hit of the year…So wats in GURU that makes it one of my favourite movies….foremost its about Business Business Business….Its  tells the story of a aspiring entrepreneur and his path to become the Czar of Indian Business…So does he but that doesn go well with some so called sathyavadis and they create  some problem for him….the film is all about that and mani ratnam has done it again… a movie to be remembered for a long long time till i become one:-)

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