I am a Salesman

March 14th, 2011-I joined an organisation not as a software engineer or analyst but as a salesman. I had consciously chosen to leave behind the IT tag and get into something that makes me happy .It’s been one year and I should say that I really got to do what I always wanted to do-Travel. I travelled all over the places I was assigned to. Through travelling I started seeing places and people I have not seen my whole life. I started appreciating small things .I started noticing small things infact.That Indian coffee house in Gwalior, that small tea shop near a wonderful mountain and manmade lake in Jaisamand (Udaipur), that small kachori shop in kota, those wonderful wind mills in Jaisalmer, that big marble mine in Udaipur, that small book shop in Jaipur who will exchange ur books and give u some other. All this travel experiences made it worthwhile. Not to mention some wonderful people I met in this one year. Sales is all about meeting people. Some are annoying, some are very humble, some are very intelligent, some are very funny, some are very dumb. None the less meeting people was the greatest education. I learnt a lot jus by visiting people and speaking to them.

Apart from new experiences and meetings and places, the biggest advantage has been nothing other than the FooodJEach place had its own version of a good meal and I was lucky enough to having tasted them all. From road side Dhaba’s to Maharaja’s own restaurant food have been a great incentive all along. I found heaven when I found Indian Coffee House in a small place like Gwalior. A trip to Udaipur is not complete without  the most extravagant meal at Nataraj(Pic attached).Anyone would die for a piece of bread from Wengers(Delhi).The  Lahsun chutney at a dhaba in Jaipur.The list would go on and on .A foodie that I am it was a pleasure and a opportunity to explore all those different tasted and appreciate them. Do ask me about the tastiest places in Rajasthan and Haryana and Delhi, and I would roll out a huge list:)

It has its own negative sides too. Often when you travel or stay in a new place, it gets very lonely. You meet a lot of people during your work hours, but after six, you are all you have to spend time with. It just gets to your head sometimes living your life away from everyone and running behind targets. For me the saviours were books. Lots of random books that I would just read to keep me occupied and not think about having to talk to someone. It did help a lot.I did start writing too. But this is a very small hindrance compared to the excitement in visiting new places. Travelling makes you understand that PEOPLE are generally good. It’s not so bad a world to live in yet. Often strangers had gone out of their way literally help someone in trouble. I can cite many such instances where the presence of good people saw me through. Once the person driving the Taxi decided to take off road and we ended up in the middle of a desert in Rajasthan .The person had so much confidence that his Indica will make it through the deserts. But it was not to happen. As expected the tyres went deep inside the sand and we were stuck. To our surprise every vehicle that crossed stopped by and made some efforts to help us. And with the help of some 3-4 vehicles we were safely escorted out to a highway. Train travels have occupied a major part of my last year in sales. And with the severe sleeping problem of mine, i have always found some good soul to wake me up on the station I was supposed to get down at. The incidents may be small, but it goes a long way in making you smile and believe that PEOPLE are good.

Apart from People, food and places, I was lucky enough to work in a B2B segment and that too for a good company. This gave me an opportunity to visit all kinds of factories and see the manufacturing process and all kind of things we use in our day to day life. It was just amazing to see real engineering and how machines doll out complex products that we consider very ordinary when we use. It was just sheer bewilderment seeing how glass bottles are made in the biggest plant in india, how Pepsi and Cokes are tremendously depleting the Sugar and Water content of our country, how marble stones are being carved out of a huge mountain, how a cloth is made, and why there is no difference between a LEVI and a ordinary Denim. And one small advice-Coke is much better and cleaner prepared than PepsiJ

Travelling all such clients meant i had to travel to all the remotest of places and there is where every time I found the most beautiful of sights and scenes. I could never ever forget the starry night sky over a large desert in Jaisalmer.The view of the largest man-made lake over the Jaisamand Mountain was a part of history that I am glad to know. For people who don’t know, that lake was built by the Maharaja just because  a girl demanded that she will marry him only if he has a ocean outside his palaceJShe did marry him. Passing through Chambal valley had often made me fear the sudden appearance of Dacoits but there aren’t any now.Banaras was a stunner. The border between India and Pakistan in Rajasthan is such a large empty land that seeing Army men living there just makes you respect them even more. I was never aware that my native place Rajasthan was such a beautiful place .Now I know better and just love it. I didn’t have a Camera to capture it all and this even made it better because now it’s in my memories and i will always long to go back to those places.

The Jaisamand lake

I can go on and on about me being happy about being a sales man. In short i have just loved the prospect of travelling and exploring places. There are many good things behind the sales targets and the pressure that will make you appreciate and love the job. The happiness and sense of achievement on selling something has very few equivalents. In the end of everything, I am a Sales man and I am proud to be a Salesman.


The Train journey

As always I was all ready to spend another 12 hours on a train from New Delhi to Udaipur. With all the basic necessities like a water bottle, music player charged up, a good book, I board this regular train from Nizamuddin station. As soon as I get my seat, my first reaction always is to scan the nearby seats to find any interesting character to start a conversation with. This time I didn’t find any other than an uncle so tired and a young man with earphones plugged in. So I do what I do the best-remain Silent. Just 5 minutes before the train starts, 2 new people occupy the side seats. A middle aged man and a much older woman aged around 60 Years. A typical mother – son combo. Over the next few hours I just keep observing them. As happens always, Mom refuses to eat anything bought from outide.She has her stock of apples and random stuff. Their talk centred on a list of objects they are getting shifted from their home in Delhi to their second home in Udaipur. I get a feeling that they are shifting their home from Delhi to Udaipur. Mom is so concerned about the safety of the Almirah, Fridge and TV. Son is so concerned about the expense of shifting. Mom makes an effort to keep talking to his son, while the son is busy on his phone and other errands. And meanwhile I am busy just observing them and thinking how all the sons and their mothers are the same. Mom tried to remember all the items from her house and keeps nagging the son to ensure that they reach the destination safely. She refers to most of the things as they were used by her husband. As in a typical sentence from her would be-“Ensure that the dads chair is packed safely and sent to this address, He had bought this new one last year only”.


This constant talking continues for some time until the son leaves the place to attend some important call. Meanwhile I suddenly see this old lady weeping silently under the pretence of cleaning her eyes by a Kerchief. I think she is bugged by his son ignoring him and not talking as much as her. After some time the son joins her again and the talk starts again. This time she makes a remark to her son that she is not able to sit alone and not think anything. I am puzzled about her strange behaviour.Anyways I just keep looking.5 minutes pass and the talks stop. Mom goes back to her thinking and the son back to delivering instructions on his phone. While I keep thinking as to why did she cry sometime back, I notice her again weeping. But this time it continues for a longer time and the son notices it .He abruptly disconnects his calls and starts instructing Mom not to do it. Mom tries hard to stop but just couldn’t control the tears coming out. Seeing her crying so badly, he immediately calls her sister but she is not reachable on phone. In a desperate attempt to make her stop crying, He reveals important news that the Sofa got damaged while in transport. Hearing this Mom face changes from a weeping one to an angry one and she starts on her usual nagging that they should have been careful and so on. From then on Son keeps on talking to her Mom and wisely enough Mom attention have shifted from her thoughts to what his son was talking.


All this may not make any sense for you or for me. But after a long time I started getting the picture and understanding things that made just go blank. The truth was that the old woman’s husband and the son’s dad had jus expired a few days back in her home in Delhi. After the funeral, the son was taking his mom to his place in Udaipur. All the things being transported were the woman’s memories of her long time with her husband and they do meant a lot for her. Mom just couldn’t let herself be silent because that bought back the memories of a person who is no more and she has to live on in the absence with a void. All those Sofa’s, Almirahs’s made some sense now. And knowing this I just couldn’t see her weep and left that place with a very very heavy heart.

Ekla chalo re…Tagore

Of late have been introduced and started liking many things Bengali.Thanks to a Bengali room mate.Some of the so called things being Bengali Sweet,Bengali food,Tagore works,and of course the Bengali way of life-Simple,very humble and care free to a large extent.Today got to know a wonderful work of Rabindranath Tagore dedicated to the Bengal Partition in 1905.The work called ‘Ekla chalo re’ was previously sung by Kishore Kumar and now appears latest in the movie Kahaani sung by Amitabh Bacchan.Find the original text and translation below.


jadi tor daak shune keu naa aashe tabe ekla chalo re
tabe ekla chalo, ekla chalo, ekla chalo, ekala chalo re

jadi keu kathaa naa kaya, ore ore o abhaagaa,
jadi sabaai thaake mukha phiraaye sabaai kare bhaya
tabe paraana khule o tui mukha phute tora manera kathaa, ekalaa balo re

jadi sabaai phire jaaya, ore ore o abhaagaa,
jadi gahana pathe jaabaara kaale keu phire naa chaaya
tabe pathera kaantaa o tui raktamaakhaa charanatale ekalaa dalo re

jadi aalo naa dhare, ore ore o abhaagaa,
jadi jhara-baadale aandhaara raate duyaara deya ghare
tabe bajraanale aapana bukera paanjara jbaaliye niye ekalaa jbalo re


The English translation:
If they answer not to thy call walk alone,
If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall,

O thou of evil luck,
open thy mind and speak out alone.

If they turn away, and desert you when crossing the wilderness,
O thou of evil luck,
trample the thorns under thy tread,
and along the blood-lined track travel alone.

If they do not hold up the light when the night is troubled with storm,
O thou of evil luck,
with the thunder flame of pain ignite thy own heart
and let it burn alone.


The city of Moksha-Banaras

Though referred to by many names (Kasi,Banaras,Varanasi), I would like it to call Banaras because that embodies the true spirit of this small little place on the banks of the Ganga. Excited and elated like a little kid getting a chance to go out, I set out for this mystic place away from the routine tall structures and false city life for a small holiday. Fortunate enough to be accompanied by a friend (also a local to Banaras),i travel in the company of thousands of people finding each available spot in the train to park themselves for the long journey. A usual sight as we get down at the station at dawn, a huge crowd trying to evacuate the station as soon as possible. The now familiar views of a Uttar Pradesh town pushes me into believing that nothing is special about this place too. It lasted for just a few moments till I step into the real Banaras. I tag along with my friend into the small corridors of the old town seeming lost in directions to follow and lost in the views i try to catch as I go along. Pan shops setting up their desks so early, Fresh Jalebis being fried, People carrying along dead bodies with the Ram chants, Tea being served in the kulhads that i thought i would never see again after my childhood. And all this as the city wakes up to a new day. At this instant i knew that i have stepped into a real special place and the excitement in me grew more.

With an exhaustive list of places to be seen already in hand with suggestions from many people, we start out with a sweet morning at Ram Bhandar.The hot Jalebis giving us the perfect start for a pleasant stay. The first place decided by my friend-the world famous Banaras Hindu University (BHU). More because it is where he had studiesJbut before that, we did what every Banarasi does and follow with utmost dedication and religious fervour-chew a Banarasi paan. The whole city represents the culture of the paan chewing people so much that a satellite image would show Banaras in RED not because of the sacredness of the place, but because of the the red juice being spit at every available space. BHU amazes one with its rich history and the vast green cover that it encompasses. With subjects ranging from Sanskrit to astronomy to Medicine to Computer, it represents a university that has evolved over a century and stands testimony to the commitment of its founder-Mr.Madan Mohan Malviya.

The most prominent public places in Banaras are its temples. Every street has its own temple dedicated to the legends of Ramayana (Ram, Hanuman) and Shiva (considered to be the source of Ganga).Hence my next stop is the most famous Hanuman temple of Banaras-Sankat Mochan temple. Not being a hard core religious guy i follow my friend all around the temples and keep pestering him to take me to the Ganga.A ride around the ancient city reveals the intrusion of many parts of the modern life-Malls, Foreign eateries but they fail to cloud the real city that is Banaras.

To be continued…

A New Phase

So here i leave my IT connection behind and move forward to a career in manufacturing and sales….Am i happy? Am happy to remove the Software Engineer tag from my name and am fearful of the sales part which i have never experienced before…. Fear comes with excitement of travelling places….meeting people.So overall an exciting unknown phase i am entering into.And coming to the sales part,I am going to sell lubricants of which i dont even have the slightest idea:)So definitely a exciting phase:)



Shauk Hai…

Raath ka shauk hai

Raath ki saundhi si Khaamoshi ka shauk hai

shauk hai

Subha ki roshni,

bezubaan subha ki aur gungunaathi,

roshni ka shauk hai shauk hai, shauk hai

sansani maavlon ka yen ishk ke,

vaavalon ka sansani… ka barf sei khelthey baadalon ka shauk hai.

kaash ye zindagi khel hi khel mein kho gayi hothi,

raath ka shauk hai shauk hai,shauk hai

neend ki goliyon ka,

khaab ki loriyon ka,

bezubaan os ki boliyon ka shauk hai,

kaash ye zindagi ,

bin kahe bin suni so gayi hothi,

subha ki roshni, bezubaan subha ki aur gungunaathi,

roshni ka shauk hai


It often happens to me that only some movies and books make me think a lot…Jus finished watching the movie Citizen Kane.Often labelled as the greatest movie ever made(i will disagree).Its about a media tycoon(Charles Kane) who started out wanting to be happy and honest,but was not able to be so over time as money and power gripped him.Everyone leaves him,his loved ones,his business,his aspirations gets finished.he dies a lonely death in his big estate.His last words are RoseBud and the whole movie is about unveiling the world behind the word.The guy given this work is not able to find any clue abt the word and abandons the case.In the ending of the film, it is revealed to the audience that Rosebud was the name of the sled from Kane’s childhood, from the time before he was taken from his parents and gained his wealth – an allusion to the only time in his life when he was really happy. . .He amassed huge wealth,Got everything in his life.lost everything but one thing he diidnt get was happiness.

It left me thinking where are we all headed.Is there some resemblance between the story and our lives.Think…Think…Think.

Severe sleeping syndrome:-(

This topic cos had a bad incident yet again due to my oversleeping today.Did’nt get up in time for exam and the college had to contact hostel and warden in turn woke me up and i went for exam 30 min late:-)This is not the first time i have been in a soup cos of my habit of sleeping too much and that too like a dead log .It has always been a so called problem for me.The only thing i hate about going home is they dont let me sleep:-)But on the other side i dont know why many people find this habit so bad.I have always cherished my sleep and i cant avoid it at any cost.Of course am not sleeping when i have some very life threatening job to do.And more than my long hours of sleeping what disgusts most of them is i sleep without any awareness of wats happening around me.I mean we are supposed to sleep and mind is closed when we sleep i think.Why do we need to be aware of our surroundings when we are sleeping.Then its not sleeping,its acting as if sleeping.People crave for a good peace full sleep and when one like me gets it so naturally its about a unhealthy lifestyle.Strange:-(May be since others are not able to sleep as i do they envy me:-)

|For me sleep is the most peacefull thing to do,away from all your tensions,all your worries about your future,all your problems in your life(the picture should tell you more).Its the only time you remain yourself i think:-) God bless all who sleep like me:-)and until then the world will keep on mocking those who sleep:-(

And heard a nice song from Ishqiya called “Dil toh Bachha hai JI”-nice lyrics telling you how the heart always remains a child in its own way:-)Ok am back to sleep.bye:-)

A New year…But wats new???

2010 is here…a new year but with this question in mind Wats new??? Apart from same old new New year resolutions,new calendar wat else is new??

I didn’t find any…The same old students trying to fight each other over grades(rather than learning something)….The same old lamenting over the  pressure of work…The same old downgrading of grades due to poor attendance:-( ..The same old movies(except the upcoming “Enthiran”:-))…The same old “How Are you’s”…The same old boys chasing girls and girls chasing boys…The same old me planning to reduce weight as always:-)…The same old search for a good future…nthing seems to be new ….

But the NEW needs to be found withing oneself and my same old search continues to find the NEW in me:-)

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