The Summer dream

Amidst all the changes around me , one thing remains constant . The happiness on seeing and tasting the season’s first raw mango. Just the sight of that simple green mango brings back years of memories . It all started in school where we had a elderly guy selling mangoes and pineapples and gooseberries outside. Canteens were not so big and modern unlike today. Everyday after school we used to walk to the bus stand with a slice of whatever he was selling in our hands . The financing was done by whoever had got pocket money that day . Even otherwise we were credit worthy customers. Often he maintained our balances without any books or paper. During parents teachers meeting I used to be scared he would demand that balance from my parents. Nothing happened though . That sliced mango sprinkled with salt and chilly was the perfect afternoon snack for us returning to our homes . The magic of that masala was seldom produced at home.He was a constant friend for our years at school. Don’t know if he still remains there. When school friends meet we often talk about those mango days .It has become a part of every stage of my life .

Then came the college life .Mangoes came in all sizes and shapes from friends returning from their homes.Mangoes weren’t cut but consumed directly in great numbers. The heat it generated showed up in the Evenings but it seldom bought down the eagerness of having a fresh raw mango .The season starts with raw , sour mangoes .The process of them changing from sour to the juiciest and sweetest of all in itself is magic.

Time passed ,circumstances changed,places changed, but the long wait for the summer mangoes remain the same and it’s absolute ecstasy to taste the first one.After so many years , just a sight of sliced mango sprinkled with salt takes me back to my childhood and am a kid again .Amidst all the uncertainties I am sure this good friend of mine will visit me every summer .


Pakistan-T20 Champions

Not that i am great supporter of pakistan..ratherbeing an Indian i would not support Pakistan to win the trophyBut one thing really stuck me during the opening match for pakistan in the T20 world cup.During a pre match conference Pakistan captain said that his team would strive hard to bring atleast some cheers to the people of the WAR torn nation PAKISTAN.And that showed the importance why they needed to get the cup.Its been true that sports do bring in many smiles and happiness.all said i supported pakistan only when India was out of the World Cup due to oo performance :-)God bless those people who have been suffering due to the misdeeds of other in the name of religion or ideology.

Finally it has come….

Finally what everyone have been thinking should not happen is going to happen…Mr.M.K.Alagiri have been given the ticket to contest from madurai…It was never expected that he would go in for some post like a MP or MLA….But its gonna happen soon…And going by the trend he has created and knowing the power he has in south tamil nadu it is highly probable that soon he would be an MP and that would be rather funny to see…From now on no one can expect
what will be the future of madurai…Hope something good happens.madurai-meenaxi

Life Series-1


Its just something about the so called cast equations INDIA.

I was travelling on my bike to some place and suddenly it got punctured.Now its really like hell when you don’t find a puncture repair shop nearby.So there i was searching for some repair shop.In this process   i happened to enquire in some general store about the whereabouts of any shop shop nearby.Initially that shop owner just told he didn’t knew anything and asked me to enquire elsewhere.So i started my search again.I was a few steps away from that shop that someone again from that same shop called me back.I didnt know for what! I went to them expecting some findings on any mechanic shop nearby.A man sitting outside that shop first asked me what religion i belonged to.I was perplexed as to what does a puncture repair had to do with religion.And since i wear a muslim  thaviz he could have asked it.But anyway i was confused.And then he asked whether i was a Muslim.I replied with a polite NO.And then what he spoke really stunned me.

Knowing that i am not a Muslim he told if i want i can park my bike in his house compound and take it back in that morning for repair.Initially i just didn’t understand Wat intentions he had and am still confused till date.It was because i was not Muslim he would allow me to park my bike in his compound although i didnt ask him of such a favour.Si it literally means if i was a Muslim i would not been given such a favour.I didin really know wat he was talking about why would he not allow a Muslim to park his bike.

I don have much to comment on this incident but really still such a kind of hatred and religious limitations exists in this society and they tell THE WORLD IS FLAT.The measurement should not be just on parameters like amount of business ,sales or talent.If the world would have been levelled i would not have been asked such a question.

Customer Satisfaction wins the game!!!

As Gandhi said appropriately “Customer is the king” and also
“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”
I very much agree with this..And you may think why am i talking of it now…Jus cos i was extremely moved by service offered by the so called waiters at a hotel yesterday…Although it was a pretty costly hotel not many of such hotels offer such a king of service or the truth may be i have not used to such service yet but i was really impressed…I had the freedon of saying a particular thing was not good and accepted it abd were there with another similar dish jus as a compliment…And many such services…It becomes a integral part of the success of any firm..It induces the customers to come again n again and fell satisfied that their maney gives them some worth.So all i want to say is that Gandhi was correct and Customer Satisfaction plays a very very vital role in your success or your companies success.Hmmm better i would become a business consultant:-):-):-) any ideas!!!!And i have no problem in mentioning the name of the hotel,its “MainLand China”–church street,banglore.

Trip-II **ShivaSamudram

Nooo waterSo here we were off in search of another place free from the noisy vehicles n dirty pollution as it is in Bangalore. And this time we decided to give ShivaSamudram a try. Even though this id not the best time to visit that place we jus thought to get a day off from bgl and as usual unplanned we started for that place without knowing wats in there…

It’s not so popular a place except that I got some falls and nothingggg else. It’s a bikers place as many bikers from bgl hit that place every weekend jus for the joy of riding. But we were into those bumpy buses going through the smallest roads it can find and getting all the soil inside. So we were there all covered in mud (literally)…The bus ride was a rather tough one with those extra bumpy roads (or no roads)…We started at around 9:30 and reached that place around 12:30 or 1 p.m.And usual we were shocked reaching that village.Absolutelu nothing of that sorts like waterfalls seemed to be nearby. It was a simple backward normal village and we wondered where in this ground level are we to find a water fall. I got information from someone that there are two falls that originate from river Cauvery.So first we decided to go to the first fall where a so called famous Dargah was also located. And wat a sight we had on reaching that place called Barachukki falls. It was awe inspiring tremendous beautiful sight to be seen. Some place like heaven. And the sigh was that not a single drop of water was to be seen…It was as good as some rock and no traces of water flowing over it…We were there 120 KM from bgl jus to see not even a single drop of water. All of us were simply wordless regarding our good timing of visited this falls. So we decided to at least go inside that dargah and get blessings. But all were afraid since it was a Muslim place n we didin know whether it was permitted or not. So I decided to give it a try since I wanted to go and jus like all had that kerchief on my head. And luckily I was able to get a Thaviz too which I have with me.a good experience that was although we were much dejected on the water flow ther…The next falls called gaganachukki was a km from that and we were initially hesitant to walk upto there since we were certain it would be the same. The only thing we thought now was to return to bgl and have some good food cos there was not proper hotel at that place too. But since the bus was Seven p.m and it was only 2:00 p.m we decide to walk jus cos it was a good empty silent road…And as we approached the next falls we still were confident of finding no water there too…Butttt to all our excitement from a little distance we were able to see a small water fall and seeing that we became excited that our trip has not gone waste. So we went there and wat we saw was a breathtaking view…It was a valley kind of thing from ground level and a little forest n within that some three water falls and some people having fun in water…This charged us up and that charge was what we badly needed. So we started rushing through the steep steps leading to the valley underneath. All I was thinking was where did this kind of place emerge from so level land and at a place it was never expected to be…It was great to see such a place at SUCH a placeJWat we did was go down and straight into the chill water and enjoying for the next 4 hours in water in the lap of nature. It was a good experience after many days in this polluted city called bgl.

So after having good time in water for abt 4 hours as it was time to leave but I didin wish to come out from that place but had to since the last bus to bgl was at 7 and it was already 6…so had to leave that place and we left that place with many memories both good n bad. Waiting for the next tripppppp.

Reliance–The Saga

Hi I am back again with all my nuisanceJ

Was jus thinking what to write about and surprisingly many many things comes across my mind…Some of them are Reliance IPO’s flop show, Declining IT sector,Banglore,My MBA,Rajni kanth,IPL,IDLY Dosa’s,Madurai,Money,Life is beautiful(Movie),Bad Boys(Movie),NDTV,Buddha,College Life and many many more…I know all reading this will be confused cos everything in this list  is not at all relevant or related…But all those came up my mind when I thought what to write about and can write a lot abt each of it. So finally decided for the Reliance story.



So Reliance Power Initial Public Offering was deemed to be and was the biggest IPO in the history of Indian Stock Market. And why not??? An IPO from Reliance is not to be neglected…at least many would have learnt it from the movie GURU (One of my favorites)…You can see any kind of Human (rich,poor,house wife etc etc) at the investors meet of Dhirubhai ambani…And don jus think that was jus a movie…It’s the reality they have shown…Lives of many many thousands have changed dramatically cos of Reliance..cos of Dhirubhai…And it reflected the same in the case of Reliance Power IPO…You could have read stories abt auto drivers…House wives. And practically all who have something to invest going for the IPO hoping their life too will change as it had for thousands during first Reliance IPO.

What started off as a massive ad campaign by Reliance Power to garner maximum support for its IPO showed results when the initial offering was oversubscribed by over 300 or 400 percent (Not sure).And most of the money put into by investors was borrowed money with the belief that it will return high returns enough to repay the debt and with some profits. But everything…may be every dream collapsed when it was listed on feb 11…It was listed during a time market was seeing high volatility…It traded at around 440 and later 380 which was too low of what was expected(Sorry am not that strong at such market technicals so pardon me)..Literally it was on everyone’s mouth. Like some national tragedy…I felt bad for Anil Ambani as I am a great fan of himJ probably it will take time for the stock prices to go up and give some hope to the investors cos my belief is whatever happens RELIANCE will not go down…

Hope the prices come back soon bringing smile on all the faces who invested in it…And Talking abt Reliance I can go on on and on for many pages. It’s the company that truly has inspired the spirit of entrepreneurship in thousands…Is there a business that Reliance cannot do…the answer is a big NO…Want to do business…Do it the Reliance way!!! May be there can be many flaws in their kind of management but what finally matters is how many are benefited.  You can be able to find someone near you who had been benefited by RELIANCE let it be even in the smallest of ways.Thats Reliance…

Violence at its ugliest

Hello bloggers,


I am back after a long long time again wishing that I blog regularly…But what can be done. Those who work on computers themselves don get enough access to online world. Such is the spate of software companies (not all) who jus want to extract maximum work out of their workers..


So many events in my life…some good…some bad…but anyway everything is for good…


Here after this forum(i.e) will be a mix of both personal and some social thinking(my thinking) that I truly believe from heart.


And to start it all let me talk abt the latest controversy taking place right now (i.e) the ugly (as many call) events in maharastra.


I have truly mixed feelings regarding this issue…some may call this events ugly…barbarious…call the man at the helm of it all(the scions of thackrey family) with all kind of ugly words but the reality will only be known only when one goes into the life of the street dwellers n the hawkers of that state. By this I am in no way supporting or even encouraging it in any way…I too believe it’s a very rude n uncivilized way. but one needs to think in the perspective of the suffers too…You can take examples from anywhere. To quote a few Bangalore was a peaceful heaven often used to be called as pensioners paradise but due to the in flush of IT and people from all places crowding over it  have gained the reputation of being called one of the worst maintained or worst place to live (peacefully)..Due to this the people who used to enjoy Bangalore would certainly feel pity or cry at the spate of Bangalore but the point o prove is they will get affected…many examples I cab cite…Probably the next best examples after some time will be mysore which I have personally experienced as a very peaceful place…


The problem exists in maharastra but the solution devised by them is too rude or uncivilized…There can be other solutions too that I may not like too explain in brief here. But still every problem has two perspectives. The one from those who suffer and from those who cause the problem…I accept that the person doing all this may be doing this jus as a publicity stint or to garner some votes but people will vote only those who they think have done some good for them and I don want to argue further whether what they did is right or wrong. Any comment…WelcomeJ

Am back again….from banglore:-)

hey all u bloggers there…am blogging after a big big gap…really didin get a chance to blog…meanwhile a lot have changed in my life( for good)…

first of the changes is that i have came out from the student stage to become an employee(Keane-name of my company)..and have shifted my base from madurai to banglore…its a great place to live in and have all kind of fun…the climate here rocks …

joined Keane on 23 july…and still not into work…trainin goin on…its pretty cool working…nice environment…don wat happens later…anyway having fun for now.

wat else…cant even remember wat have happened in this large gap…will blog as i remember…

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