There are few events that needs to be chronicled in your blog or diary or whatever your record it…One such event is watching a Rajni movie FDFS:)Nowhere can one see the excitement and the roar among public(except India-pak cricket match)…The public in mysore was a little decent one with no milk abhisekams,no free distribution of food,no drums…Missed tamil nadu at this one instant where rajni movies are not a normal fare…its literally  Diwali for all the people out there:)With never before seen graphics in indian movies anf of course Rajni,it again proved out to be a complete masala entertainer and worth each rupee spent;)So once again Brand Rajni still goes strong and hope it remains ever we will tell the next generation that “you will never ever get the experience of watching a Rajni movie FDFS”:)

PS:Please check the search results for the word”Thalaivar”


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