A dream like never before


Human mind knows no Limit. But still what’s the limit for that ‘No Limit’. It would have required a genius to make a movie called “The Inception”. What have had gone through the mind of the writer to write something of the scale of the movie. It was just mind boggling and nerve wrecking to sit through the whole movie with each scene testing the limits of Human imagination. A dream is a simple thing. But how many of us would think of it in a way that Nolan had .How many of us would think so much about a simple thing called an Idea. Probably that’s were the difference between a man and a genius lies. The film in short-A Dream in a Dream in a Dream.


The movie revolves around the idea of planting an Idea in someone’s mind. That is done through dreams. Whole of the film may be fiction but even the limits of fiction is just amazing.Rating:5/5.Dont miss this movie for anything.


For you,a thousand times over….

After reading the book “The Kite Runner” by Khaleid Husseini,i was waiting for a long to watch the movie version and finally had the chance today…A wonderfully done movie with great music and the heart of the story remaining intact….One dialogue that stood apart”For you,a thousand times over “…Worth a watch n worth a read.

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